The north celebrates 1 year of Fruta Feia Porto


Saturday June 17. Fruta Feia celebrated the first anniversary of Fruta Feia Porto. David and Susana, one of the first farmers who joined our network, open the doors of their farm to receive the party.
The afternoon started with lunch and everyone brought some of their best dishes to share. Afterwards, the Fruta Feia Olympics challenged everyone into team playing to participate in traditional games. The result brought together consumers, farmers and volunteers and the day ended with the awarding of prizes to the winners and a delicious birthday cake for 1 year of Fruta Feia!
Fruta Feia Porto completed, on May 11, 1 year of fighting food waste. Farmers, consumers and volunteers came together and saved 103 tons of fruits and vegetables from being thrown to the garbage. An overwhelming number that motivates us to keep on going: Congratulations to everyone!